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Content Library Configuration Backup Scripts

Greetings all,

A number of times now we’ve experienced a situation where a user was in the content library and went to delete an ISO but accidentally deleted the entire content library.  This is due to how the user will select the ISO, then hit the Actions menu and say Delete.  Unfortunately, the UI isn’t very intuitive and well placed and the Actions menu in this case is specific to the Library object, regardless if the user selects a file.

So that really sucks.  We’ve had to rebuild the CL Publisher now a few times and re-establish the Subscribers and the Subscriptions.  We’ve got a rather large CL architecture and this is extremely time consuming.

Does anyone have any automation scripts they’ve developed to “backup” the content library publisher/subscriber/subscriptions configurations so this can be easily recreated?

And yes, we’re aware you can uncheck the Delete Library privileges in permissions; however, the users are SSO Domain Admins.


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