Changing vCentre Appliance Certs - SSO Error

Hello All,

I am following the article from (I started following the vmware kb version, which had a whole host of errors  in it!) to change the certs on the 5.1 appliance,  and am having issues with the SSO service. When I run the :

'./02-inventoryservice --mode uninstall --ls-server https://demovc01.demo.local:7444/lookupservice/sdk'

I get the following error code:

Intializing registration provider...
Getting SSL certificates for https://demovc01.demo.local:7444/lookupservice/sdk
Getting SSL certificates for
com.vmware.vim.vmomi.core.exception.CertificateValidationException: Server certificate assertion not verified and thumbprint not matched
Return code is: SslHandshakeFailed

Now I know the error will be to do with the cert as isnt in there. Where do I configure the settings fro the sso-adminserver service to use hte fqdn? I can see how I do it for the lookup service.



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See if Michael's blog helps.

I've found his blogs much easier to follow

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