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Change root passwords on the servers managed by a vCenter, update vCenter info?


To ensure the security of our infrastructure I changed the root passwords for the 3 servers we have connected to a vcenter server.

Now when I access to the vcenter server I can see all my datacenter and my cluster with all the servers and the virtual machines but I have two problems:

1.- I see this menssage: Cannot find vSphere HA master agent

2.- I see all the virtual machines but with 0 Mhz consumed and 0 MB used.

It is because I change the root password of the servers? Do I have to update the password in the vcenter? How? Or I have to delete the servers and then add it again?

Thanks a lot for your answers

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There is no way to update changed root password in vCenter, rather its not needed.

1. for HA issue, right click each ESXi Host and reconfigure vSphere HA agent.

2. if you still don't CPU, Memory utilization, then login to ESXi host Console and restart Management Agents from Troubleshooting options.


Haridas Vhadade

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