Cannot migrate vm, locked by plugin

Hello everyone

Our backup software forgets to disable the lock on vmotion from time to time. While this is a minor nuisance when it happens to individual vms, sometimes dozens of them remain locked. The other issue is there seems to be no way to notice it other than trying to manually move a vm. Obviously, DRS is hampered by this.

Unlike the GUI clients, PowerShell actually told me that the vm I tried s-vmotioning was actually locked by the BKB_Plugin. This raised some hope that the backup software's internal function to release a lock was actually just performing a powershell command in the background although I cannot be sure about that.

This is why I didn't go directly to the automation subforums. Can anybody tell me whether there is a powershell function to find and unlock these vms or whether this has to be done directly on the database?

Removing these locks by hand through the backup software can take hours...


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