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Can't delete orphaned DataStore

So I have a datastore that I was using for testing, and in the process of removing it, I removed it a tad to quick from the SAN, so now it is 'stuck' in vCenter. My general procedure was to delete it from each host, and then delete it from the SAN, but in this case, I got a but ahead of myself. The datastore is gone from both my hosts - If I look on each host at the datastores, it's not present, and if I look at the vCetner level at what hosts are associated with it, there are none. But I still can't remove it. I have rebooted the VCSA appliance several times, as well as updated it, and the only change was it went from showing as 'inactive' to 'appearing' as if everything was A-OK (No errors, warnings, etc, but it's... not... there...).

I can rename it just fine until the cows come home. I've looked through all VMs for some kind of reference to it, even though it was used for testing, so there's a 99.99999% certainty that any VM that was written to it was also deleted, but nothing references it. I just can't delete it.

Most of what I've read for similar issues suggests that a reboot of the vCenter/VCSA machine will fix it, but in my case, it just took it from showing as 'inaccessible' to 'appearing' normal. Apparently, somehow, vCenter is suck on stupid with this datastore, because it *seems* to think it's happy, but there is nothing in 'Connectivity and Multipathing', it doesn't exist on the hosts, and at this point, only exists within vCenter.

Any ideas?

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Hi there,

did you already scanned the HBAs on all hosts and restarted the vCSA afterwards?

Also try the following steps from the KB VMware KB: Datastore appears empty from the datastore browser

To resolve this issue, remove all the invalid references to the old datastore name. The following objects can reference the datastore:

  • A registered virtual machine.
  • A registered template.
  • A host on which the datastore appears on Datastores list, even when the storage device is no longer accessible.

To remove these references:

  1. Go to the Datastores view.
  2. Select the invalid, nonexistent, old, or removed datastore.
  3. Select the Virtual Machines tab.
  4. Right-click all of the virtual machines and templates and click Remove from Inventory from the context menu.
  5. If the datastore is still visible, click the Hosts tab (to determine which hosts still 'see' the invalid datastore).
  6. In each of these hosts click Configuration and Storage, then click Refresh.

Found @ datastore name still exists after deleted

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First of all try to restart management agents on your hosts and then restart VC.

If this doesn't help, try to restart ESXi hosts one by one and after that restart VC.

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