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Can't customize view of VMs in DataCenter or cluster anymore

With previous versions, even 7.0u2, you could add columns to the information you wanted to see in the list of VMs in vCenter. Looks like that went away with the latest update (7.0u3 build 18778458). I can no longer add columns, like which host the VM is running on or anything else. IMO/IME, this is a rather important feature to have dropped off the planet.

I'm also seeing some duckery with the names for the vCLS VMs. Where before they were simply number suffix VMs, now I have an alpha numeric string in the name (such as "vCLS-69046c52-8ccd-45cd-999b-facbb027b872"). 

Does anyone know HOW to get the ability to customize what's shown in the VM list? Also interested in knowing why the vCLS VMs decided to go stupid for the name post update. Not sure if it matters, but we had a power outage last night and I noticed these things when getting everything running this morning. This is my home lab setup (not a work environment).

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