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Can't add a new hard disk to VM (w2K16)


I have a windows server 2016 virtual machine installed on my ESX cluster (6.7).

This machine has 3 disk with differents size on a datastore and in Windows, it's OK, I have the 3 disks with 3 differents letter.

I have to add a new disk, and when I do the steps on vSphere, I can't add.

I choose add a new hard disk, I choose the size, I choose "dynamic provisionning".

I have the error : The operation is not allowed in the current connection state

Why ?

Is that because the VM is online ?

On windows server 2008 or 2012, it was possible to do this when the virtual machine is online, then to add the disk in disk management on Windows.

Other point : maybe the vmware tools.

I have seen this about vmware tools. The first screenshot says is not running, the second says it's OK.

On Windows, the service is started and running.

And I have seen, Vmware tools indicates it's a server running windows server 2012. Can we modify this information ? Is it an important point ?

Thanks you for your help and suggestions.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Are you able to migrate the VM to different host ?


No, thanks for the tips !

I know why.

It's because we have clone a virtual machine, so I think the trouble is VMWare tools, we are going to uninstall and install it properly.

Thank you


Having a snapshot will also prevent you from modifying hardware (including disk add) without a "good" error message ...

-- Alex (VMware VCAP-DCV, NetApp NCIE, LPIC 2)
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