Can't access files in ESXi 6.0 datastore

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I am trying to get backups running again in an ESXi 6.0 system. They were running prior to my tenure, but stopped unexpectedly. I have worked out the problem(s) with vCenter 6.0 on the windows 2012 server machine which caused the backups to stop, but I'm stuck on what seems to be a privileges problem even though the backup user has full Administrator privileges (temporarily). All this is being done by a third party service provider using bacula and the VMware API. I have set the privileges at the datacenter level in vCenter with propagate to children checked and it appears that when I look at the datastore privileges that they have the same user/role assigned. I don't understand why the snapshot files can not be copied. I seems like I am overlooking something simple, but I can't see what I am missing?

vddk: vddk.c:1239-0 ERROR: Can't open [datastore1] machinename/machinename-000002.vmdk. vddk: vddk.c:1240-0 VIXERROR: You do not have access rights to this file

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