Can someone explain what adding multiple vCSA's to a single External PSC accomplishes...


Thank you for taking the moment to help me...

Here's my scenario:

- We have a Production and DR site, we would like to have a vCSA 6.5 in Production, and one in our Disaster Recovery Site. We would like to achieve the following ability:

When Production goes down we currently replicate storage to DR and would like to be able to have our DR vCSA be able to see the inventory without having to re-add the VMs to this vCSA instance. We currently run on a External PSC, which i think is complicating my setup...

For some reason I thought I could have multiple vCSA servers able to access the same clusters and replicate the inventory database between the multiple instances.... I'm finding out now that in 6.5 its called vCSA HA, but I was under the impression (maybe bad research) that in 6.0 with an External PSC you could create this type of redundancy for vCenter.

Let me state I do not want true HA, all i'm looking for is the ability to have some form of redundancy in vCenter so that if I need to take down 1 instance I still have the other available.

If this isn't possible then my next question is.... I need to stay away from having a Load Balancer (which is required w/ external PSC) I do not mind going to embedded PSC, but not sure how i can change my setup w/o rebuilding the whole design..... Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are a small shop w/ limited time in the day so your help is greatly, and i mean greatly appreciated.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

There is some information here on why to use this implementation: vCenter Server 6 Deployment Topologies and High Availability - VMware vSphere Blog

The short answer is to provide Linked Mode for the VC's attached to the PSC. There will still be the single PSC point of failure.

Let me know if this is enough to answer your question.

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Vcenter take only one PSC information with out load balancer. You required re point your PSC if it is external

Rajeev Chauhan
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