Can not leave vSphere client console without CTRL + ALT with user Peter though it works for user Paul.

A Windows7 - 64 VM is running on ESXi 5.5 using virtual hardware 10.

VMware tools version is 10.0.9 build 3917699.
2 different users - both using admin accounts see a different behavior when working with the vSphere-client console.User-account Paul is newly created.
Paul can leave the Windows 7 console windows without having to use the hotkey CTRL + ALT.

This  is not possible for user Peter - this account was created years ago.
Workarounds like uninstalling vmware-tools did not change anything.
I have to assume that something has to be cleaned up in the  settings or registry of that old user account - the Windows 7 VM itself seems to be fine (as a new user account created just for testing has no problems at all.)
Google finds posts with : another Cant leave VM-console Window without CTRL + ALT in abundance but nothing so far helped.
Assumption: something in the old user account prevents the Windows-lEXIT behavior. Probably a VMware tools related Conf-file - or a part of the Windows User-registry is misconfigured and so far has escaped all my attempts to find the "bad" file or registry-setting.
I am looking for either a way to forcefully clean up the non-working account settings or some info on what to look for in detail.
Already tried:
uninstall / reinstall vmware-tools
uninstall keyboard inside the VM
uninstall SVGA card with 3d support inside the VM
Sometimes this has a little progress: leaving the VM without hotkey works for a short while - but only for a little while until the VM gets rebooted after the device removals.
After the reboot the problem reappears.
ANy ideas ?
For the record : I am not looking for Workarounds - there is one: log out user Peter and change to user Paul - he can leave the console Windows just fine.
Thanks in advance


Do you need support with a recovery problem ? - call me via skype "sanbarrow"
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