Can VMs be removed from vApps? (without deleting/cloning/templating)

My mouse was charging and, unused to the cord, it got it stuck while I was dragging a ccouple of VMs, dropped them in a VM and absentmindedly clicked some more things away I still don't know what they were…    I can't drag the VMs out of the vApps, it's sort of fitting since the VMs have sort if a symbiotic relationship with each other. They work normally, the can be snapshotted, they seem to have the option to clone them off the vApp--probably last resort--they're perfectly normal but the fact than I don't know much about vApps has me fidgeting and obsessing.  

What happens if I unregister the vApp? Have the files been modified or can they still be re-registered as individial VMs?? When orphaned/ghost objects appear in the inventory unregistering their related VM fixes it.  


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