Booting off of USB to install ESXi and get stuck on "Relocating modules and starting up the kernel..."

I'm trying to get ESXi installed on a PC and it's hanging up on the following message(s):

Shutting down firmware services...

Using 'simple offset' UEFI RTS mapping policy

Relocating modules and starting up the kernel...

Before it gets to this point, it goes through the boot process with "Loading ESXi Installer", "Loading/b.b00", etc., it gets to "UEFI Secure Boot in progress", and then freezes on the screen with the above messages.

The searching I've done has only turned up the "ignoreHeadless=TRUE" option, but even with that, I'm getting stuck on the same screen.

How do I get past this and get ESXi installed, or what can I do to get more information on what's happening?

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