Apply Storage DRS Recommendations : Cannot Connect to Host

I'm getting an error when trying to migrate VMs from standalone hosts into a newly created cluster. I'm also getting the error when trying to deploy a new VM from a template created on the new cluster datastores.  The tasks shows "Apply Storage DRS recommendations" and fails with the error "Cannot connect to host". Occasionally, however, I can deploy a VM successfully and I don't get an error. Could anybody help me troubleshoot this?

Our configuration:

VSphere 5.5

1 x Physical vCenter server


5 x standalone hosts


1 x cluster (2 hosts)

1 x datastore cluster (3x NFS datastores - connected to NetApp filer)

1 x vDS


Management (new cluster connected and managed on service console)

Production (vCenter connected, VM network traffic)

Storage (NetApp, C7000 Flex-10)

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Whether storage is shared between both hosts ( the VM that you are trying to migrate)?

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I encountered the same error while deploying VM through template and migrating VM from one cluster to another stops at 8%.

Issue was identified as the Target cluster was in DMZ and Template & VM was non DMZ.

There was ports restriction between both clusters.




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