Another P2V conversion failure....

Had another conversion fail on me at 97%......Gave me the error "an error occurred during reconfiguration" I looked at the logs but they never make it easy to decipher (they are attached). Any one understand this one? Any help is much appreciated. thanks!

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello kgprov,

I could see the following errors:

In Converter Gui Log:

"Unable to find the system volume, reconfiguration is not possible.",

in Worker log:

2014-03-23T02:41:10.428-04:00 [04004 error 'task-6'] [GetMntapiOsInfo] Got an error getting MNTAPI OS information

2014-03-23T02:41:10.428-04:00 [04004 error 'task-6'] [BaseDiskSetComputer::AnalyzeErrorAndThrow] Error occurred when opening disk set, MNTAPI_ERROR = 32 MNTAPI errorType = 0,

Which points to the following KB Article:

The process mentioned in the article should solve the problem.

Hope this solves the problem

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