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Adding a second cluster to a vCenter 5.5 datacenter that already contains a single cluster

What should I be aware of before creating this second cluster? I realize that HA, DRS, EVC, etc will all be separate and independent from one another, but I plan to make this 2nd cluster able to see the same datastores as the first. My concern would be the potential risks if both clusters are performing actions against the same datastores. ANy concerns I should have from a storage standpoint? or should both clusters play nice? Anything else I should be aware of?

- KJ

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vCenter will know that there are multiple clusters. 

Only other thing is to plan out how much I/O each of the VM's in both clusters will be using and make the datastores can handle that much I/O.

Make sure that you have alerts turned on for storage space so you are aware when space is getting low. 

I have multiple clusters using the same datastores with no issues.

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