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Access a scanner attached to vmware workstation vm from vcenter

Good day,

This is probably not possible but I may as well ask.

I have a developer with a scanner connected to a virtual machine (running on VMWare workstation) in his home office. He would like to connect the scanner to a virtual machine running on a vcenter cluster that resides in our lab. 

Would it be possible to share a scanner connected to a vmware workstation to a remote virtual machine that is hosted on an instance of vcenter?

So far we have not succeeded in getting the vcenter connected vm to recognize the HW on the VMware workstation virtual machine. From what I have read so far, the only option is to connect the scanner to one off the esxi servers and use passthrough but that would make it impossible for the developer to scan (at least without driving 5 hours).

Not holding my breath but worth asking.



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