AD groups based users get permission error when trying to login into the vCenter server 7.0

Hello Community,

For one of my vCenter server, it is joined to an AD domain and I had given appropriate permissions to AD groups. Users belonging to those AD groups were able to access the vCenter server using their AD accounts, however for few days, all AD users (who are part of those AD groups) are getting error "Unable to login because you do not have permission on any vCenter Server systems connected to this client. Back to login screen". Interesting part is, if I give permission to any individual AD user, then they can successfully login, but same is not working through AD groups.

There have not been made any changes or hardening on AD servers neither any changes or updates were made on the vCenter server. So this problem is bit weird. Can anyone please advice what to check and how to fix it?

vCenter server version: 7.0.2

AD server version: Windows Server 2019


Thank you!
Vikramaditya J
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