4 vCenter 6.5 Appliance with 4 External PSC Appliance - Upgrade to 6.7 Update 2 embedded PSC Process


I am reaching out for some guidance on the best way to approach this situation.  I current have 4 vCenter 6.5 appliances all with an associated External Platform Service Controller appliance.  At this time they are not configured for Enhanced Linked Mode.  My plan is to implement that feature when I upgrade to vCenter 6.7.  It is my understanding that vCenter 6.7 Update 2 now supports enhanced linked mode for embedded PSC deployment.  I would love to simply my deployment and move to an embedded PSC model.

With having 4 separate vCenter appliance and 4 external PSC appliances, what is the best approach to upgrading my environment?  I am assuming all the vCenter servers are using the same SSO domain, which would have been the default during the initial setup, which I did not perform.

Would greatly appreciate some insight and options available to make this happen.

Thank You

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