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2nd vCenter 5.5 services failing when added to existing SSO domain

Hello everyone.

I succesffully installed and configured my first vCenter 5.5 with SSO on the same server.  Created my datacenter, added hosts.  All good.

I am adding a 2nd vCenter to the environment to serve as an endpoint with vCAC.  I installed SSO to the 2nd vCenter with the 2nd option

   "vCenter Single Sign-on for an additional vCenter Server in an existing site"

After installing the Web Client, Inventory Service and finally vCenter.   Checked the services and noticed that vCenter Virtual Server service

and the vCenter Web Service has not started. Tried rebooting, just unable to get the services to start.  Any suggestion what I could have missed

configuring the 2nd vCenter to use a existing SSO authentication domain?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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