vSphere Storage Policy with replication group - Python API



I have several storage policies defined, during VM creation (or later) I can assign one of them fine.

However, some storage policies (profiles) require replication (consistency?) groups with specific names - this is so an array will do snapshots of the VM on vvol. In vCenter when I assign such storage policy to a VM it asks me to select "Replication group" - only one is given each time (as each policy explicitly allows only a given replication group). But how do I query in python for which replication group(s) are allowed by a given storage policy and then how do I assign the replication group to a VM?

There is PbmQueryReplicationGroups() but si.RetrieveContent() reutnr handles to various manager but for the replicationManager it returns None for some reason, so I can't use it...


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