Weird error when trying to deploy OVF Template via API

I need to deploy an OVF Template via the REST API. It always worked until this morning. It always gives me this message:

{"type":"com.vmware.vapi.std.errors.not_found","value":{"messages":[{"args":[],"default_message":"The object 'vim.VirtualMachine:vm-978' has already been deleted or has not been completely created","id":"vmsg.ManagedObjectNotFound.summary"}]}}

Here's my curl request:

curl --insecure -XPOST -H 'vmware-api-session-id: '$1'' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{
  "target": {
    "host_id": "host-28",
    "folder_id": "group-v102",
    "resource_pool_id": "resgroup-27"
  "deployment_spec": {
    "default_datastore_id": "datastore-30",
    "name": "'$2'",
    "additional_parameters": [
    "storage_provisioning": "thin",
    "accept_all_EULA": true
}' 'https://xzy/rest/com/vmware/vcenter/ovf/library-item/id:xyz~action=deploy'
The strange thing is when i visit vsphere per Web Client i see the machine getting created and then failing at 30%.
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