WTS API Virtual Channels equivalent for PCOIP


I have some questions regarding PCOIP. We currently have a software component that runs on virtual machines

and detects when a RDP session is established. When established, it tries to read/write data from/to a WTS Virtual Channel,

That Virtual Channel is created on the guest OS, when a RDP session is opened. To achieve this, we developed a

Terminal Services plug-in Dll and installed it on the guest OS.

On both sides, we are using Microsoft WST API functions like WTSVirtualChannelOpen, WTSVirtualChannelClose,

WTSVirtualChannelRead and WTSVirtualChannelWrite.

I would like to know how to do the same thing (establish Virtual Channels) with PCOIP. Is it possible?

Which API/SDK should i use? Where is the documentation?


Louis-Pierre Beaumont

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