Problem with Webserver when virtualized

Hey guys,

I don't know if this is the right forum for this but if it isn't please move it to the correct one. We have had a physical server running Flix engine and when it is cloned to a vm the FLIX no longer works. I was hoping that maybe some of you would have had some experience with this and could help us make this work. Right now the FLIX is still running on a physical server with the Web server just having been virtualized. Before they were both in one physical machine. Here is a brief description of the problem as described by our Web Master.

Connecting to the FLIX Engine Com API from ON2 Technologies () locally on a physical server works. The same call on a VM clone fails.

I'm using a standard Coldfusion call - FLIX = CreateObject("com","On2.FlixEngine","local",;

This has worked successfully in Production(using physical server) for over a year, but generates the following error on VM.

An exception occurred when instantiating a COM object.

The cause of this exception was that: AutomationException: 0x800736b1 -

Thanks for any help.


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