How to mount .iso, located on datastore through api/sdk/ or just copy files to isolated vm?

Hey, I want to mount a .iso which is located on a datastore to a vm via the api, sdk or command line. Just anything which is suitable for automation. I use esxi 6.5 and vcenter 6.7. My take on it was a chain of api calls:

create content library item -> create content library update session, based on the previously created library item -> with the help of this update session i want to add a .iso file, located on the datastore to the content library -> finally mount the created content library item which is the .iso image. 



I have vm's which are all, through a vpn, completely isolated from the management network (vcenter, esxi ...), i want to copy files onto the vm from a machine which is in the management network. Currently im so far that i can create an .iso out of the files and copy it onto the datastore from the exi server, the only step left is to mount it to the desired vm. Maybe there's even a simpler solution for this requirement but it has to be automated. 


Thx for any help, just tell me if you need more information or maybe you got another idea how to realize this...

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