Enable vSphere LAB change internet connection - DHCP Hooks in Photon reporting Dynamic DNS address

Please direct me to info on DHCP Hooks - to report Dynamic DNS address change.

Urgency situation - enabling Dynamic DNS
My nested vSphere LAB is subject to Internet change from home/work/girl commute. I whant to use Dynamic DNS (ydns.eu) to reflect my external IP Address for peer and support LAB access.

Dynamic DNS change - Photon DHCP Hooks
DNS Change code that must be called when new DHCP lease is detected. DHCP Hooks seems the natural place - but HOW?

curl --basic -u "--usr--:--pwd--" https:// ydns.io/api/v1/update/?host=lab.ydns.eu&ip=

LAB Setup - Networking
LAB is isolated using router (Photon OS) to route to Internet network (NET Fence) - inspired by Virtuallyghetto blogs.

The vSphere LAB "NET Management" is isolated on - Internet connection defined by:

  • Win10 Network Adapter "VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet2" properties point to vSphere LAB
    ip(, gw(, dns(, domain(lab.local).

  • Router and DNS service (Photon OS 3.0) routing internet (NET Fence) to 4 networks (Manage, VM, vMotion, vSAN).
    ip(, gw(internet/DHCP), dns(internet/DHCP), domain(lab.local).

DHCP is my friend and I changed internet once an hour to insure my LAB has minimal external configuration items.

Rgds Henrik

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