CIM/SMASH Database on ESXi5 not updating


I’m relatively new to CIM/SMASH…but experienced with scripting and similar concepts (RTAP, PLC, ETC). I’ve written a Python script that reads data out of my ESXi5 server’s SMASH database for hardware monitoring (with Nagios). The script itself works well, except…when I tested the monitoring of hardware changes by (as an example) unplugging one of the power supplies…I could not find any changes in the CIM/SMASH database on the ESXi host.

I checked CIM_PowerSupply::<HealthState, OperationalStatus, Availability> as well anything that referenced the power supplies in the OCM_DiscreteSensor including “Power Supply <X> Power Supply <X> 0: Power Supply AC lost”, and “Power Domain 1 Host Power 0: AC lost”. Everything is indictating the ESX system thinks the power supply is chugging along just fine.

Does the CIM/SMASH database only enumerate on startup? Does something have to be activated/run on the ESX to regularly update the database? I’m really quite at a loss here 🙂

Thanks in advance for the help!

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