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Anyone using the new federated Search Service via the servlets under vws?

Trying to get some of my tools back to vmware code rather than leverage external datasources. One major place I am trying to revert back to is my fesderated search routine over a bunch of VCs. Basically I use a cache of inventory from a bunch of VCs now, but the new X-Hive source may have what I need. What I am lacking is some good examples of code around pulling data from those (preferrably C# but I will make do).

First order of business is doing a session creation via vws\Login, but I don't know what I am missing for params and I get consistent 400s. Tried sending in some HTTP Basic stuff and verified in Fiddler that it was properly created in the header, but still no dice.

Anyone dive into Query or Health yet and have some code to share?


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