API Error SDDC Manager

I need help understanding how to resolve an error with the API for SDDC. Developer is having issues with the SDDC API v1/clusters v1/domains. I tested via the API explorer on the SDDC Manager and seeing the same issues. Other API's work v1/hosts but cluster and domains fail. I have rebooted the SDDC Manager still the same issue. I have a case open with VMware sent them the sos api logs. I looked myself nothing stands out. Below is the error when I execute get-clusters within the API explorer. Same error the developer is seeing with his scripts. 

Thoughts ? Starting to think corruption or its not seeing the inventory



The arguments used to localize the message, Can be used by scripts to automate the error processing.

[ ],


The underlying cause exceptions.





The message describing the reason for the error

"500 : [{"timestamp":"Mar 31, 2021 1:58:46 AM","status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"","path":"/inventory/extensions/vi/domainInventory"}]",


The type of the error cause




The minor error code



The localized error message

"Cluster not found",


A reference token correlating the error with the relevant detailed error logs. Should be sent to the service provider when reporting issues.




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