workstation pro shortcuts go from vm to Linux host

The problem I'm currently having is only on a Linux host. It works properly on windows as a host OS.

My issue is that when I am in a VM on my Linux host, shortcuts like Windows+R do not work in the VM. They are grabbed by my host. I have the settings correctly setup in the Workstation preferences. "They are the same I use on a Windows host: grabbing input is setup to only a mouse click and ungbrabbing is set  to: CTRL+ALT". This is the only issue I fase when using the hypervisor on a Linux host.


My host:

OS: Fedora 34 (up to date & installed yesterday)

Hypervisor: VMware Workstation 16 Pro


The VM

Windows 10 20H2 (up to date & vmtools installed)


I also tested the default "CTRL+ALT+INSERT" on the VM which VMware uses for "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" and that does work fine. It's only some combo's.


I switched from Windows 10 because I don't have a use for it at the moment but my setup was working when it was my host operating system. I couldn't find this problem on this page. If it is already created, can anyone please provide me a link? Thanks in advance.

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