windows vm and network (host only) drives

I've found that windows programs have a bit of trouble when data files are kept on a network drive. For example, running word for windows in a vm guest and editing a document on the host via network (host only) drive, word occasionally claims to lose data or lock up for a while. Reference manager, another win32 program has trouble more reliably, always complaining about failed write attempts.

The network drives are mounted via windows, not through the vmware shared drive facility (speed).

I don't know if this is a VM or a windows issue, but would appreciate hints.

The work around is keeping the data files on the guest vdisk--flawless, but less convenient.

Machine: AMD hexcore, 16 GB RAM, 3 SATA drives

Host: ubuntu linux 10.10 64 bit 2.6.36 kernel running VM workstation 7.1.3

Guest: XP-64, 1 core, 2.2 GB RAM.

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