why my windows server 2016 inside vmware workstation 16.2.4 can not connect to the internet

I have the following:-

  • Windows 10 home edition

  • I install vmware workstation 16 + windows server 2016 inside the VMWare workstation



but my windows server 2016 is not connected to any connection, even when i connected the host to a wireless connection and wired connection, but the guest keep showing this :-


I also tried changing the network settings to those 3 options without any luck:-




any advcie?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

@johnjohn33333 wrote: any advcie?

Well yes, don’t use Host-only if you wish to connect the VM to the wider network, use either NAT or Bridged. In addition, your second screen capture appears to be conflating two different windows, one of which obscures the other, so if you are using a VPN, then for the time being turn it off.  Do any of your other VM's have network issues ?

Would suggest . . .

     - The Win 10 Host has access to both the local network and the Internet
     - All VPN's are disabled
     - Set the Win Svr 2016 VM Hardware - Network Adapter to NAT
     - The Win Svr 2016 network is configured to use DHCP

     - [Host, Win 10] confirm the network settings using ipconfig/all command ?
     - [VM, Win Svr 2016] confirm the network setting using ipconfig/all command ?
     - [VM, Win Svr 2016] If the above look correct, then try ping/tracert the following:
             localhost; DHCP allocated default gateway; Win 10 host IP; network routers default address.





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