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vmware can't unset auto power off?

Hello, when I haven't used the virtual machine for a long time, I noticed that it automatically goes into the suspended state,
Then I searched for ways to turn off autohang:
Add a line (suspend.disabled = "TRUE") to the.vmx configuration file.
But what's new is that the virtual machine is now automatically power down instead of hanging,
I actually just want to keep the virtual machine active, because some of the programs I run on the virtual machine system have to wait for progress to complete, which takes a long time, and as soon as the virtual machine automatically power down or hangs, I have to f**king start over.
I tried to search and view the document but did not find a solution, please help me.

哈喽,当我长时间未操作虚拟机时,我发现他会自动变成挂起状态然后我搜索了如何关闭自动挂起的方法: 在.vmx配置文件添加一行(suspend.disabled = “TRUE”) 但是新的状况是虚拟机变为了自动断电而不是挂起, 实际上我只想让虚拟机保持活跃,因为我在虚拟机系统中运行的一些程序需要等待进度完成,而这需要很长时间,一旦虚拟机自动断电或者挂起,我就tm的需要重新开始。我尝试搜索和查看文档并没有找到解决方法,请帮帮我。

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