vmrun cloning an encrypted W11 machine


I am trying to clone a virtual W11 machine that is encrypted with vmrun but keep running into an error.
I am using VMware Workstation Pro 16.1.1.

The machine can be cloned manually without a problem but everytime I try to do it in the command line using vmrun I get the error: "Error: Cannot read the virtual machine configuration file".

My code: 


vmrun -T ws -vp pw clone C:\Templates\Windows_11_x64_21H2\Office_2021_x32\Windows_11_x64_21H2.vmx D:\test\test\test.vmx full -snapshot="Office 2021 x32 (03.12.2021)" -cloneName=test


listing the snapshots of this vm works without any problems and I have full r/w permissions on the vm as well as the target with no file being in use otherwise. vmrun works as expected with any non encrypted machine.

Things I have tried:
- starting the cmd as administrator
- not providing any name or snapshot

Thanks for your help

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I also tried to clone an encrypted vm and recognized that it isn't a windows 11 problem. I have the same problem with Windows 10 x64 20H2

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