unity windows maximize in extrenal screen but not LCD

Dear all,

I'm running VM WS 7.1.3 on a Dell Lat E4300 laptop. At work the laptop sits in a docking station with a 24'' TFT ( 1920x1200) attachedf to it. At home, it runs with the internal LCD (1280x800).

Host: Ubuntu 10.10 (gnome)

WM: Compiz

Video: Intel GMA 4500

Guest: XP SP3

VMtools installed

Whem I'm running the guest on the 24'' in unity, applications windows maximize without problems going to full screen. When I'm on the LCD, the application leaves a big unused area on the screen (see screenshot). Which is particular annoying since on the small screen you need all the pixel you can get ...

You can not even "maximze" by resizing to make use of that area. As can be seen from the display settings visible on the screenshot, the guest does detect the correct screen resolution on 1280x800.

Is there any solution to this? I saw some posts on the forums, but no solurion.

Thanks and cheers,


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