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support license and upgrading.

Quick question about support...

When I purchased a licensing for WRKstation 6.5.x I allso got a 1 years VMware Workstation Per Incident Support.

This VMware Workstation Per Incident Support is to end in October 2010.

When I ask Vmware about this package being valid if I upgraded my 6.5.x version to a WRKstation 7.0 I was told that the support would not cover the upgrade. So today I checked the licenses I have and I noticed I forgot to register the support-package altogether.

Correct that right away and then I saw that the package is good for WRKstation 6/7ACE..

Hence my confusion.

So do I or do I not get on-call support if I do upgrade?

Anyone been in a situation like this too? If so a reply to my question would be appreciated.

Intel Smackover x58-chipset

Intel i7 965


Radeon HD4870 1GB VRAM (5870 version ordered)

Vista Bus. x64/Windows 7 Ulti x64

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edit the message to reflect the correct support bundle (VMware Workstation Per Incident Support)

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