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snapshoot: my fault or workstation fault???

Hi all,

Maybe I understood nothing at all, but I had a negative experience I'd like to share.

I'm running ws 7.1, where I have a long list of snapshoot organized as a tree.

Usually, each snapshot is equal to the preceding PLUS something (a new installed program, a new release, some enhanced software I developed, and so on).

Yesterday, for the first time, I need to test an alternative product respect those already installed.

So, I just create a snapshot (call it freeze) to freeze the actual situazion and then I open restart the virtual machin to disinstall a product and install another one (just as example, I deleted MS/SQL and installed MySql).

Everythings run fine so I switched off everything, created another snapshot (call it MySql) for the new situation ang gone to sleep.

This morning I switched back to the original snapshot (freeze) to restart working with MS/SQL and, with my big surprise, I found it uninstalled. Of course no MySql was installed, because it is on the new branch (MySql).

Please, can anyone help me to understand where is my error???

Thank you


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Hmm - I am not sure I completely understand what you have done - so far it looks like expected behaviour to me.

Please explain what you exactly did - use the same terms to describe your actions as they are used by the Snapshotmanager GUI please.


VMX-parameters- WS FAQ -[ MOAcd|http://sanbarrow.com/moa241.html] - VMDK-Handbook

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