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"The OVF descriptor file could not be parsed" error importing a Virtual Appliance

Hi all

I've been trying to import a Virtual Appliance into VMWare Workstation (6.5.3 build 185404). I get an error "The OVF descriptor file could not be parsed" when attempting to do so.

The original file was a Xen Virtual Appliance (.XVA) and I could not find an option in VMWare to handle this directly. I used the Citrix XenConvert (2.0.2) utility to convert the Xen Virtual Appliance (.XVA) to an Open Virtualization Format package (.OVF). VMWare was then used to import the OVF file (File -> Import or Export). The Wizard option was: Source Type=Virtual Appliance

Attached are the log files relating to the last attempt.

Does anyone have any suggestions for resolving the import problem? Any alternate way of converting a XVA file into a VMWare VM?

The source XVA file was 7.18 GB.

The converted VHD file was 24.0 GB

An OVF, VHD & PVP files were created by the Citrix XenConvert utility

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