new to vmware and need some game server help

sorry if this is somewhere else but i attempted to search and havent been able to find anything. i currently built a computer to run a vm server for Ark Survival Evolved on it but i am having issued launching the game. worst part is it doesnt even give an error code so i have no idea what the issue is. it launches the game but shortly after the loading image comes up it closes (within seconds). ive tried clean install multiple times aswell but nothing is working. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

game is Ark Survival Evolved windows version, not steam

cpu specs:

windows 10 home

asus x470 strix f

ryzen 7 2700x

32gb ddr4 ram

evga 1070 ti

vm specs:

windows 10 pro

vmware workstation 14

12gb ram

2gb video

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You could try looking at the vmware.log after the game crashes out in the VM. The vmware.log file is located in the same folder as where the VM is stored. You could also attach it in your subsequent reply if you want help in interpreting it. There is no guarantee though that anything can be gleaned from the vmware.log with the problem you face.

Having said that, most posts regarding running games in this community generally is because of the level of DirectX support inside the Windows VM. VMware 12/14 supports up to DX10.0 only with the virtual 3D accelerated graphics in the VM. So if the game uses/requires DX10.1 or higher, it will fail. You can verify this by running dxdiag inside the VM.

On the other hand, you could also try switching from using DX11 to OpenGL 4.x since you have a GTX1070Ti. By default Workstation 12.x/14.x uses DX11 of the Windows host to deliver the 3D accelerated graphics DX10 capabilities inside the VM. Shutdown the VM and add the following lines to the vmx configuration file (every VM has its own <virtual machine name>.vmx configuration file)

mks.enableDX11Renderer = "FALSE"

mks.enableGLRenderer = "TRUE"

Note that switching to using OpenGL 4.x does not change the DX10 level support inside the VM.

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