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creating and testing vlans in VW 10

hi All,

On my desktop I have configured VMware ESX lab. This lab is running in VMware workstation 10.

I would like to create different vlans like 51 - 52- 53 for my VM running in it and then test few things.

Is it possible create actual vlans in workstation for esx lab ?

This is what I want to do >>>

create an AD vm in Vlan A

create an ESX Server in Vlan B. Then create different vms in this ESX and run them on vlans C - D - E. Create Management and vmotion traffic on vlan F



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Workstation itself does not handle VLAN tags. You would need to use some third party VM within Wkst.... (ex. Vyatta).

Here is slightly outdated post of mine:  if not, I would suggest just to use subnets to separate traffic.

Sorry for the shameless plug, but I'm giving away a free e-book on my blog which walks you with the setup of nested ESXi lab on VMware Workstation from A-Z:

hope to give you some ideas,


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