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bridged network VMWS8 on Ubuntu no connection outside


I'am testing a configuration for my company, We want to use vSphere 5 with the vCenter linux appliance. I have a laptop: Dell studio 1557 with 8GB memory, OS Ubuntu 64 bits version 11.10. I run VMware workstation 8 on Ubuntu. Now I install with success the vcenter appliance in my VMWare workstation. Ik kan open with firefox the web page of my vCenter. I configured my network for vCenter with the bridge option to   

I use a seccond laptop (with Windows vista) for my vSphere client (VMWare still has no vSphere client for Linux Smiley Sad ) I configure my vCenter on adrress, my Ubuntu laptop is on (DHCP) my Vista laptop is on (DHCP). I can ping my vCenter appliance but I cannot connect with a browser or with a vSphere client to the vCenter appliance. When I run a virtual machine with Windows 7 in VMware workstation I can connect with a vSphere client to my vCenter. Why can I not connect outside my Ubuntu to my vCenter? I shutdown iptables, no results. Strange thing is that I can Ping: Reply from bytes=32 time=2ms TTL=64. No other trafic is posible from outside my Ubuntu machine to a virtual machine.

I you can help me, it would be great.

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