XP Guest on Vista Host; CPU allocation when ripping a CD? (seems to power down)

I apologize, I searched but I'm not even sure what is happening so I'm having trouble coming up with any search terms that bring up anything relevant.

Using workstation 6.04, Vista32 with 4GB Ram, guest is XP with 1020MB RAM and plenty of HD space.

When trying to rip audio CDs using Windows Media Player (ignoring the fact that every time a CD ejects and I put a new one in, the guest doesn't recognize the new CD until I close WMP and re-open it), I have a problem where the rip to MP3 is very fast at first, but most of the time the drive finishes reading the CD before the ripping is complete. If the ripping is still several tracks from the end, the last track or two will take up to 15 minutes each instead of 30-60 seconds. At the same time, the guest sometimes becomes sluggish or even nonresponsive. This isn't an official diagnosis, but it is as if suddenly CPU power allocated to this guest drops dramatically, slowing things down. I haven't done scientific testing, but it seems as if the machine returns to normal at the end of the rip.

Is there some log or setting I could be checking to help identify what is going on? I'm clueless.


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