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Worstation Pro 17 - Is it still Not Possible to Stop mkssandbox.log files being Created? 🤪

So i notice for decades across several vmware Workstation pro versions that the mksSandbox.log files are endlessly written out.  I have seen many posts of people trying to figure out how to stop them.  These logs only happen when u enable 3d Acceleration.  For those, like me, who have never had problems with my 3D Acceleration, it makes sense that i would like to turn off these debugging logs to save wear and tear on my drives.


So version 17 arrived relatively recently.  I have not upgraded yet.


Can someone tell me if this BUG has been finally fixed and there is now a way to turn off mksSandbox.log and all of its children files?


All other logs can be turned off, except that!  So it's clear it was an oversight by VMWare.  Just wondering if someone finally did their job and fixed it.





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