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Worstation 12.5 hosted on Linux Mint 17.2 ESXi network issue on host only network

Hi All

I have strange issue with Workstation 12.5 (latest) installed on top of linux Mint 17.2. I have nested ESXi (5.5;6.0;6.5) that use bridged network for management network and other vmk ports on host-only network. The problem is that vmk that are using host only network are not working (can't ping that interface from other host or other node on same subnet). Other nodes (linux or windows machines) are ok when on same subnet (host-only network).

This is very strange and annoying issue as I don't know what is causing it, same configuration on Windows 7 and Workstation on top works without problem.

Please let me know if anyone experience same issue and how to fix this problem. I say this is related to linux and some configuration but there is not enough information about troubleshooting VMware Workstation on top of Linux OS


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