Workstation Pro Tech Preview 2018 & GPU Passthrough

Now that Workstation 14 has support for IOMMU /TPM etc, and recently added support for PCI devices like NVMe, will we finally see guest VM support for GPU passthrough in the upcoming Workstation Pro Tech Preview 2018 beta?

Personally speaking, better GPU support is by far my #1 need.  All else pales in comparison.  I'm considering switching to unRAID just to get real passthrough support even though that entails massive change to my infrastructure.  I may hold off if vmware workstation GPU support is coming.

Does anyone have a clue as to whether we may see this in the near future or should I give up hope and move on to other solutions?

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VMware has a policy to NEVER talk about upcoming features or time lines of still to be released products.

This is the first time I see "Tech Preview 2018" .. I think that is still about 3 months away.

So I would be very surprised if you'd get an official answer on this within the next 3 months.



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