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Workstation Pro 17 Won't auto start

I'm attempting to autostart an Ubuntu 20 VM on a Windows 10 21H1 system.

- VM Starts without issue manually. It is not encrypted

- The "VMWare Autostart service" is running under my login account

- I have full read/write permissions to vmAutoStart.xml in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\VMware\VMware Workstation

- VM is checked in the "Configure VM Power Options" dialog.  It's the only one

- I've attempted to unselect the VM in "Configure VM Power Options" and reselect

- It used to work, but after a few reboots I noticed it wasn't auto starting the VM

- I don't see any relate messages in Event Viewer


Is there any other location I should check for logs?  Any troubleshooting tips?


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A similar problem with a 2008 32bit guest. Thought it might be related to orphaned .lck files after a reboot but resolved for now by creating a Win10 guest without an operating system and set it to boot first.

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