Workstation Pro 16 Guest Suspend on Host reboot?

I left a RHEL 8.6 Guest running overnight on a Windows 10 Host. (This was using Workstation Pro 16.1.2). I was doing a long running analysis on the Guest.

This morning I discovered that Windows had decided to restart my system overnight (at 12:30 AM for updates) and this took out the running Guest in the process.

I thought I had long ago managed to disable the 'automatic' restart of Windows 10 on update apply, but this apparently didn't work... (My goal would be to come in the next day and see that I was being asked to restart).

As best as I can tell, this just unceremoniously killed the Guest without either suspending or shutting it down. (I didn't see anything that looked like that in either the Guest /var/log/messages or Host vmware-0.log.

Is there some way to get Workstation 16 to either Suspend or shutdown the Guest if the Host gets restarted?

This is an encrypted Guest if that makes any difference.

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