Workstation Pro 14 Upgraded from v12 Produces Black Screen Running Existing VM's


Our company recently upgraded from Version 12 to Version 14 of Workstation Pro (14.1.7). We initially ran into MAJOR issues when Windows released their October Patch Tuesday Windows Update, which resulted in Workstation Pro not running at all. We've found a workaround for uninstalling those updates and blocking them.

Now, we are running into an issue where users attempt to use Windows 7 virtual machines in Version 14 (that were created in Version 12) and it causes Workstation Pro to completely freeze and crash. The virtual machines do not load the guest OS at all, and we need to end the Workstation Pro task and delete the .lck files from the user's AppData. Intermittently, the guest OS will load, but there is no discernible different in when the guest OS will load and when it won't.

We've tried a number of solutions I've found on the community discussions here; however, we haven't found anything that permanently solves this issue. So far, we've tried the following:

  • Hyper-v disabled
  • Tried booting the guest OS into safe mode
  • Use the command netsh winsock show catalog to check the LSP status.
    • To solve the issue, please use Windows command to reset the LSP status: netsh winsock reset" then reinstall VMware workstation and reboot the host
  • Disabled 3D graphics
  • Configure the virtual disk so that it uses IDE0:0 - at the moment it ises IDE 1:1 which is not expected to work for a bootdisk
  • Discrete graphics from BIOS
  • Rolled back your Intel Graphics driver from Device Manager
  • Installed a virtual floppy disc drive
  • Complete uninstall/reinstall of Workstation
  • Updated VMware Tools

I've uploaded 2 attachments that were given to me by one of our engineers. The "good_log" is the log file when the guest OS booted without any issues (happens about 2 out of 10 times). The "bad_log" is the log file when the guest OS does not boot and freezes/crashes VMware (happens about 7 out of 10 times).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this behavior?

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