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Workstation 16.x not responding if I click anywhere on the UI

I haven't turned on my Workstation Pro in a couple of months, decided to fire it up the other day.  Was originally on 16.1.2, it checked for an auto-update, and the auto-update window appears (Download and Install, Skip this Version, Remind Me Later).

No matter what I click, the entire application hangs and I get a "Not Responding".  I have to ctrl-alt-del or "close this program" to get out of it.

Whenever I run Workstation, there are a few seconds before that auto update window appears, so I can actually start a VM, which will persist, before the auto-update window appears, but once that window comes up it will go to "not Responding" as soon as I click on anything.

I've even tried downloading the latest 16.2.3 and tried reinstalling, repairing etc.  No luck.  When i am on 16.2.3 the auto-update does not appear, but as soon as I click on anything in the UI it goes "Not Responding"


Edit:  Currently on Windows 10 Home, 64-bit (Build 19043.1706) 10.0.19043.  Was on a new version earlier but had uninstalled some recent updates to see if that would resolve the issue (it did not).

The only error I can find in the logs is:

MKSInterfaceIsVMKBDInstalled: OpenService failed, error: 1060

This is always the last item in the vmui logs before it ends, so i believe its related.

I'm out of ideas and pretty frustrated.. I've tried everything and have paid for a license that I can no longer use.

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