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Workstation 15 - isolated network with VLAN


I've found many blog posts and other resources on how to set up a VM in an isolated environment with e.g. ESXi but no reliable source for VMware Workstation 15 running on my local PC, running Win10 Pro x64.

Some guys wrote about setting this up using a second NIC others are talking about isolation from one VM to another VM running on same host only. LAN segements do not apply here, too.

My need is to set up a VM that uses a VLAN ID, e.g. 4, which is already used here to separate a Guest Wifi from a private LAN. OK this is a slightly different approach but I guess you know what I mean. At the end the VM should connect directly to the internet by-passing my firewall. The firewall has set up a second DHCP for Guest IP addresses, using VLAN ID 4.

I cannot describe this setup very accurately here now but this works perfectly well. My Guests get a different IP adresse and connect to the internet without having access to my private LAN.

Exactly the same setup is now needed for some VMs. I do have a second NIC port available in my local PC, however I actually do not use it. I've already activated it but this ends up by getting a second IP-address from the same range of my first NIC.

My idea was to assign a VLAN ID 4 to this 2nd NIC and handle all traffic from the VMs that should not access my private LAN. Of course this does not work so far.

My PC is connected to a switch which can handle port base VLAN as well as 802.1q.

Any hints to get such a setup running?



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