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With 350 GB available, "not enough disc space" for 100 GB VM

Just purchased VMware Workstation Pro and installed my first Win 10 machine on a 1 TB disc partition. I installed Win 10 as a single file monolith VM and allocated 100 GB for it and 8 GB of memory. Experienced 0 issues.

Then I freed up a lot more space on the drive and now have 350 GB free. I have no snapshots in cast that matters. Now when I attempt to clone the first machine I created again as a monolith, cloning fails and tells me I do not have enough disk space. How much more do I have to free up for this scenario?

I am aware the standard recommendation is to do a split file, and I am also able to clone the monolith VM as a linked clone with no issues. But I would still like to know why I can't clone a 100 GB VM as a monolith with 350 GB free?

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If you are aware that you are better of using a split file scheme then why insist on a single disk file?

You found yet another reason why you shouldn't use that virtual disk format on VMware Workstation. Yes a single monolithic virtual disk makes sense on a platform such as VMware vSphere, here just not so much.

The split file virtual disk is really the best choice even while it may seem a bit illogical at first.

With split files you:

  • get a better response, faster results when doing any VMware disk operation such as snapshots, shrink, compact, extend and defragment.
  • have less chance of getting into a "all data lost" scenario when something bad happens such as running out of disk space as the split file disk scenario is much easier to repair than a growing single disk.
  • don't need to have the full virtual disk size on free disk space when committing snapshots
  • easier to take backups

There seems to be a notion of "but it will be less performant", but in practice that is just not true.

My recommendation is to not try to consolidate a virtual disk into a single disk file, you are not doing yourself a favor by doing so.

No that does not answer your specific question.




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